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Seesii LL044 16 line laser level 200ft 4x360 3x360 Green Cross Line

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1. [4D 16 Lines Laser Level] The 4x360° green laser line level features two horizontal and two vertical laser lines, which covers the entire four-dimensional space and projects a clear green line. 

2. [Self-leveling Mode] The self-leveling mode can let you work normally when the tilt angle is more than ±4°, helping you to finish some work that needs to be done in the tilt angle otherwise laser level tool will beep to prompt you.

3. [Pulse Mode] When working normally indoors, the line laser level can receive 40m. After opening the pulse mode, you need to use with the receiver (not included). Your receiving distance is expanded to 200ft which will provide greater help for your measurement.

4. [Durable] The laser level works when you plug in the batteries. Two durable batteries allow you to plug in alternately and last up to 8 hours of use. 

5. [Multiple installation methods] By rotary base to make the level 360 ° rotation, easier to adjust the position of the laser and can also be mounted on a tripod. The magnetic stand can help you fix the level on the wall or attached to a metal surface.

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