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Seesii LL058 3D Laser Level Self Leveling 3x360° Green Laser Level

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1. [3 x 360° Full Layout Green Laser Level] 3D Laser Level is equipped with two vertical and a horizontal 360° lasers. 12-line laser beam projects clear green laser lines that can cover the entire room floor, walls, and ceilings.

2. [Pulse Mode] 12 line laser level is very clear and the working range will be expanded to 200ft. The pulse mode needs to be used with the level receiver (not included). so that it can meet your indoor and outdoor work needs.

3. [Self-levelling mode] The laser level self leveling tilts within ±4°, when the device exceeds this level range it will beep.

4. [LCD Power Display] LCD power display is more intuitive to show the use of the power supply.

5. [Multiple Installation Methods] Hang the green laser level on the wall or iron door, fix it to the wall by a magnetic bracket on the iron plate or directly to the metal surface.

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