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Seesii SEE-07 5000W Spot Welder 9 Gears Adjustable with Foot Pedal

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Prezzo attuale $56.99
  • 【Time and Money Saver】: The 5000W High power battery spot welder is good performance and long service life,which can provide strong power and improve your work efficiency.

  • 【Two Automatic & Foot Pedal Mode】: Different from the traditional spot welder, the product is equipped with an automatic conversion head and a foot-operated spot welding plate,support automatic and manual foot mode.

  • 【1-9 Level Knob Adjustment】:The mini spot welder with 9 Level output power adjustment design, you can adjust the output power 0-800A by turn the knob, the larger the value, the higher the output.

  • 【LCD Screen Display】: The battery voltage level is the key factor affecting the spot welding effect. Our spot welder screen can display the internal voltage of the product in real time,it is very convenient for you to check and charge in time.

  • 【Easy to Use】:This mini spot welder equipment is mini and lightweight, space-saving in home, and you can transport your spot welder to different job locations easily and quickly. 

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