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Seesii CG200 Cordless Caulking Gun,21V Battery Operated Caulk Gun w/2 x 2.0AH Battery & Charger

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1.✔𝐔𝐏𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄:2 x 2.0AH Li-ion Battery + 4 Speed Adjustable + Auto-retract System + LED Light


3.【SAVES YOUR HANDS AND MUSCLES】 A great tool when you need to do a lot of caulking,especially for long or medium runs. Say goodbye to the days of sore hands and constant squeezing of manual caulking guns.

4.【ALLOWS YOU TO MAKE A CLEANER BEAD】The motor is designed with a autp-retract system that keeps the caulk from continuing to leak out during a stoppage. When release the trigger, the motor momentarily goes into reverse releasing the pressure on the tube.

5.【TWO 2.0AH BATTERIES INCLUDED!】🔥This tool could also benefit from having two batteries as backup.A powerful power support system will enable your caulk gun to work to its full strength. 

6.【4 VARYING SPEED & LED LIGHT】4 varying speeds allow you to control flow / move speed that Powerful enough to handle most adhesives and caulks.Precise adjustable forcing speed from 0 to 220 MM/Min.

Seesii CG200 Cordless Caulk Gun

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