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Seesii Gym Timer,11.5" x 4"

Prezzo originale $39.99 - Prezzo originale $39.99
Prezzo originale $39.99
$39.99 - $39.99
Prezzo attuale $39.99
  • [All-in-One Gym Timer] This multi-functional timer is packed with features: 12/24-hour clock, countdown/up, stopwatch, and specialized modes for Tabata, FGB, EMOM, Boxing, HIIT, MMA, and UFC.

  • [Ultra-Clear LED Display] Boasting an 11-inch display with 1.5-inch red and blue LED digits, its 5-level adjustable brightness ensures visibility across your gym or garage. The loud 85dB buzzer keeps your pace in check.

  • [Instant Workout Access] Pre-programmed hotkeys for TABATA and FGB add convenience: TABATA's 8 rounds of 20 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest, and FGB's variations with 5 or 3 rounds of 5-minute exercises and 12 or 20 seconds rest.

  • [Customizable Interval Training] Beyond pre-sets, personalize your workout with 10 programmable settings for 9 intervals. Set training times, intervals, rounds, and rest periods easily with the remote control.

  • [Outdoor Training Ready] Use the USB slot to connect a power bank, making outdoor training sessions seamlessly timed. The package includes the interval timer, USB cable, brackets, screws, remote control, adaptable power supply, and user manual.

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