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Seesii LibreVNA 2.0 Vector Network Analyzer 100kHz-6GHz

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  • ★【2022 Upgraded Professional LibreVNA】: The LibreVNA Antenna Analyzer provides a 100kHz to 6GHz ultra-wide frequency range(previous vna analyzers are about 10KHz-1.5/3GHz),New 6-layer PCB design optimizes the S12 port isolation and high-frequency port matching. 
  • ★【Comparable to Lab-grade VNAs】:LibreVNA is a USB based full 2-port vector network analyzer designed by Jankae. Using 3 ADCs to sample data simultaneously and using FPGAs for signal processing, it is capable of scanning over 10,000 points of full dual-port measurements in less than 1 second.
  • ★【Full S-Parameters Measurements】: In Vector Network Analyzer operating mode, the LibreVNA can measure the complete S11, S21, S12 and S21 parameters.
  • ★【3-In-1 Function】:Although the LibreVNA hardware is not designed to be used as a spectrum analyzer, the general hardware architecture of a spectrum analyzer is similar enough to that of a VNA to implement basic two-channel spectrum measurements and perform basic spectrum measurements output CW signals.
  • ★【Powerful Function & Firmware Update】:The ultra-low noise power supply design and the use of 16bit ADC, together with the precision CNC's aluminum shielded housing, achieve up to 100dB of effective dynamics. 

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