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Seesii LL008 16 lines Laser Level Self Leveling 4x360° 4D 150FT Green

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1. [4x360° Full Laser Layout] Seesii MKS16-G laser for construction has 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lasers, and 16 laser lines in total covering tiles, which could project an accurately horizontal or vertically illuminated line onto the surface.

2. [Outdoor Pulse Mode] With excellent brightness and higher stability. The working range is up to 150 feet (100 LUX) with an accuracy of 100 feet ± 1/3 inch. It offers a pulsed mode that extends the laser range up to 200 feet with a laser receiver, making it ideal for long-distance or outdoor use.

3. [Self Leveling] ①Switch the Power ON / OFF button it's on the self-leveling mode. This laser level can be tilted self-leveling within± 4°.②Press the power button “OUTDOOR” on the top for 3s to turn on the manual mode, then you could use it at any angle without alarm. 

4. [LCD Power Display] Equipped with an LCD Power Display, it's very convenient to see work time and charging.

5. [Lithium Battery Charging] Lithium use is several times longer than the ordinary dry cell. It also saves you the trouble of changing batteries.

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