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Seesii NanoVNA-F V2 4.3'' Vector Network Analyzer 50kHz-3000MHz

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  • 【4.3 inch Large Touch screen and powerful function】Handheld Vector Network Analyzer using 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD screen, with a larger view angle and can be seen clearly in strong outdoor light.which can measure S-parameter, voltage standing wave ratio SWR, phase map, group delay, Smith chart and so on.
  • 【Higher Capacity Battery,and Longer Standby time】 Upgraded the large capacity 5000mA-h 3.7V battery, longer standby time, and extended USB interface. Typically, it can be used as a mobile power source to charge Android or Apple phones when not in use. The IC is charged by high current 2A, and the charging time is shorter.
  • 【Upgraded Aluminium Housing 】 Standard aluminium shell to protect SMA head and reduce the interference of external electromagnetic wave to instrument.
  • 【Measurement Range】 The NanoVNA-F measurement range is 50k-3GHz. You can go to the official website to update and expand the frequency to 10Khz-1.5Ghz.The harmonic expansion of the output signal of the clock chip SI5351 is used to measure the frequency to 1000MHz. At 600M-1GHz, the dynamic range of S11 is 40dB (the standing wave ratio is less than 1.02).
  • 【Compact and Powerful】: Upgrade the user program by virtual U disk.Switch to a power switch with a greater sense of operation and a better sense of operation.Support Chinese and English menu switching.

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