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Making Car Repairs and DIY Projects Easier: Seesii Recently Upgraded WH700 Impact Wrench - SeeSii

Making Car Repairs and DIY Projects Easier: Seesii Recently Upgraded WH700 Impact Wrench

Seesii WH700 Impact Wrench boasts a max torque of 479 ft-lbs.

Seesii recently updated the WH700 impact wrench in order to fulfill its commitment to offer the best user experience.
Designed for car maintenance, changing tires, home DIY projects, and industrial tasks,
the Seesii WH700 cordless impact wrench delivers a high torque of 650 N.m, high efficiency, durability, and versatile compatibility in application.
Up to 405 ft-lbs of maximum fastening torque and 479 ft-lbs of maximum breakaway torque are both enough for loosening or tightening bolts and nuts in compact spaces.

impact wrench seesii

Seesii’s upgraded brushless motor and large-capacity 4.0 lithium-ion batteries bring about a 53.5% increase in running time and a 50% increase in battery life.
The WH700 impact wrench weighs just 4.12 pounds, and its good size is 7.87*8.78*2.76 inches (bare tool only).
Despite its compact design and small size, Seesii WH700 got two driving modes (low level: 0-2600 RPM and high level: 0-3300 RPM).
Users can pull the variable speed trigger to control or adjust the speed, providing great convenience in all situations.

The Seesii WH700 cordless impact wrench is designed with a 3-in-1 multifunctional feature to be suitable for wide applications.
The impact wrench can serve as an impact driller and screwdriver as well, allowing end-users to perform a variety of challenging tasks with one tool.
The Seesii WH700 impact wrench greatly improves work efficiency for automotive technicians, engineers, DIY enthusiasts, and home users.

impact wrench

The cordless impact wrench features Forward and Reverse Mode where the brake-stop device will be activated to prevent the nut or bolt from flying everywhere once the nut or bolt is loosened.
The cordless and lightweight design and built-in LED light ensure the safe operation of the impact wrench even in a dark environment.

Moreover, before you explore the Seesii impact wrench WH700 on official website or Amazon,
please be sure to take note of the upcoming Father's Day event--Empower Dad’s Tools.
Seesii prepares special events to honor all super dads around the world.
You can join us for the Father's Day GIVEAWAY on Seesii’s official Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Additionally, you can get 10% off while purchasing the WH700 impact wrench and the WH1000 impact wrench.
The event will be closed on June 20th (EST).

impact wrench

Visit Seesii official social media channels at to learn about more information about the Seesii Father’s Day GIVEAWAY and 10% off discount celebration event.

Besides Seesii powerful impact wrench WH700 and the Father’s Day celebration event, Seesii’s other categories of products are provided for all consumers to meet various needs.
The Seesii CH666 2-in-1 cordless pole saw and the Seesii SC8B Mini Chainsaw are both the best tools for branch trimming, wood cutting, and gardening.

For more information about Seesii and Seesii’s products, please visit the official website below or follow Seesii on Facebook and Instagram.

About Seesii:
Seesii is an emerging brand dedicated to producing innovative and high-quality power tools.
Inspired by Seesii’s vision—to focus on tool innovation, providing cordless tools with accessible power and precision—Seesii’s R&D team continuously improves the technology, upgrades the manufacturing process, and explores new materials. The full line of Seesii products is quite comprehensive, including impact wrenches, chainsaws, angle grinders, pruning shears, professional diagnostic tools, and accessories.
Over 100 kinds of popular power tools have been sold worldwide.
The statistic speaks volumes about the performance and reliability of Seesii tools. What’s more, Seesii offers exceptional products at an affordable price, paired with excellent after-sales support with a 3-year warranty and a 24-hour quick reply. This reinforces Seesii’s reputation as dependable and long-lasting tools in its class.

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