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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy:

Q1: Who is responsible for paying taxes?

A: Yes, the buyer is responsible for paying any applicable taxes, as the online sales price does not include taxes. This includes customs taxes or duties required by local authorities.


Q2: What is the estimated delivery time?

A: Please note that all shipments may experience delays. However, we guarantee to ship your order within 3 days after receiving it.


Q3: Which countries do you ship to?

A: We offer worldwide shipping to most countries.


Q4: How are orders shipped?

A: We maintain a substantial stock of our products at Amazon FBA facilities, where Amazon serves as our logistics partner. For customers in other countries, orders are typically shipped from our Chinese facilities, which generally takes 3 days.

Q5: Will multiple items be delivered together?

A: While we strive to deliver all items simultaneously, different shipping methods may be used depending on the product. You will receive a notification email once an item has been shipped.

Q6: Can I change the delivery address after my order has been shipped?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot modify the shipping address once the product is in transit.


Q7: What should I do if I receive the wrong product?

A: If you receive a different product than what you ordered, please contact our customer support team at They will promptly assist you with any issues related to incorrect product deliveries.

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