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Seesii 8000W Spot Welder SE8000 10-90 Gears with Dual Pulse Output

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Enhanced 0.1-0.3mm Battery Spot Welder】: The upgraded spot welder with Dual Pulse Output,foot pedal welding mode which can easily weld 0.1-0.3mm thick nickel sheets.

Time and Money Saver】: The 8000W High power battery spot welder is good performance and long service life,which can provide strong power and improve your work efficiency.

LCD Screen Display】: The battery voltage level is the key factor affecting the spot welding effect.Our spot welder screen can display the internal voltage of the product in real time.

Easy to Use】: This mini spot welder equipment is mini and lightweight, space-saving in home, and you can transport your spot welder to different job locations easily and quickly.Just depress the foot switch, the red light flashes rapidly 3 times and then the current is output once to complete the welding.

Warm Tips for Beginner】: After receiving the product, please charge first and practice many times to find the right spot welding strength, this is a small battery pack welding machine suitable for beginners and professional welders.

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