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Seesii SE203 Dual Farad Spot Welder 250 Gears 3000F Capacitor with LCD

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Precio original $189.99
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Precio actual $159.99
  • 【250 Gears Adjustable】 3000F Capacitor Battery Spot Welder with LCD Display can automatically feelthe welding needle contact nickel belt, automatic output pulse, can also be connected to the foot switch.

  • 【Built-in power balancing circuit】Ensure that the voltage of the two batteries is equal to protect the capacitor use.

  • 【Intelligentfan temperature control strategy】When the voltage isfull, the fan stops rotating, prolongthe life ofthe bearing

  • 【Capacitorcan】Provide extremely fast chargingand discharging ability. Aluminum using inert metal- brass gasket, avoid electrochemical corrosion,good to ensure the use of stability. Screen out lessthan 0.6mR internalresistance, high standard to ensure consistent and stable quality.

  • 【250 speed hyperfine adjustment】Fast/slow knob can quickly adjust the gearwithout of sync precision.

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